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Legend has it that a long time ago (around 1870 AD) the city of Hyderabad was destroyed by a massive fire. The ruler of the time know as "MIR" scouted around for talent to rebuild the city. No finding people with the required skills and knowledge he decided to search for them in surrounding areas.

After much effort he came upon a "Adiomal" in the vicinity of Multan, a city further north of Hyderabad. He offered Adiomal a handsome remuneration for rebuilding the city on a new site.
But, Adiomal who was a devout Sikh, was not willing to undertake the task unless the Moslem
Mir, would allow him to bring with him the religious books of the Sikhs ( Granth) and establish
a site of Worship in the new Hyderabad that would be free of Moslem harassment.  The Mir
finally consented to this demand.

Adiomal ( the founder of the Advani clan) then discussed the project at hand with his close associates and they chose Gidumal,(Gidwani clan) a well known civil engineer of the time and Wadhumal (Wadhwani Clan) who was knowledgeable in Commerce to accompany Adiomal and assist in the implementation of construction.

So its is that the city of Hyderabad became a home to the Hindu Sindhi Amils of Khudabad.
When the Amils began to move to Hyderabad, Sind, they set up their homes in clusters of
family relatives. (The conventional style of living in joint families in one structure.) The streets
to be know as the Advani, Gidwani, Wadhwani streets.

Due to the fact that in days gone past the children learnt the skills of their parents and carried on the profession or trade of the father, it made sense to locate the cloth merchants, the gold & silver merchants or the food merchants in clusters on one street.

It is for this reason that when a young person is/was introduced to a older person on of the first questions would be " Whose son or daughter are you? The response to this question invariably let to a connection e.g. Oh yes! I know him, he used to be the judge in Hyderabad

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