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I am personally thankful that many Sindhi names end in "ani" the is a easy identifier that the person of concern is of Sindhi origin. In olden days, one could even discover the profession or trade of the person and in some cases even the city of the birth , just by knowing the last name.

When Adiomal came to Hyderabad, he and his successors began to be called the "Advani" family. The same is true for the rest, consequently family trees of a multitude of names began to come about.

Obviously there are too many family trees to be presented in this web site. However, those wishing to learn more of their forefathers should make a trip to Hardwar ( near Calcutta) and consult with the "Yogis there who have maintained incredible records of our predecessors. I also understand the
Church of Later Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah, has made microfilms of some of these records and are available for a fee. 

If you have a condensed historical information of your family name and would like to donate it we will be glad to consider posting it to the site. However, we cannot be held responsible for the return or validity of the material sent in.

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