Some Sindhi Family Trees

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Over the years I have attempted to collect information on our predecessors in order to compile atleast a small family tree so that our children may have some knowledge who the Hindu Amil Sind his are and more importantly, who our relatives, grand parents, great grand parents were and some info about them.

In doing my research, I found that many people I talked to about their family did not have any knowledge of the grand parents or the brothers and sisters of the parents or grand parents. So after losing our homeland in Sindh after the partition in 1947, we are also losing our language and knowledge of our heritage. To me that is a sad state of affairs.

The reality is that we Sindhis have not made an effort to teach our children our language, (some speak Sindhi, but do not read or write it) They know very little about the country, the geography, the culture, the traditions, etc of the region of our origin. I am hoping in some small way to change that with this website.

So I have include some branches of family tree where I have been able to get some data. If you know of some other sites that would provide useful info on the Sindhis please send me a link to those website. Perhaps we could add the links t some sites.

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